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Colavita Ohio cyclist Brian Baird takes 3 place in the very competitive Eddie Merckx class at the Colavita-Zipp time trial series on 4/25/10.

The Colavita/Baci Ohio Cycling Team is more than a regional cycling club.  Dedicated director Roger Bowersock and his spirited cyclists represent a grassroots movement. The members of the Colavita/Baci Ohio Cycling Team have made it their mission to promote health, fitness, and bike safety among the people of Ohio and the surrounding states.  And we can certainly say - mission accomplished!

When the team is not training or racing competitively, members can often be found working to make a difference in the community.  The team recently hosted a bike rodeo to inspire and educate the next generation of safe cyclists.  Team members were joined by professional bike mechanics and they worked together to properly fit the 125 children in attendance with top of the line helmets donated by the team.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Roger & Co. can be found coaching adults through a “From the Couch to a 5k” bootcamp.  Anyone willing to simply be more active is welcome no matter their skill level.  On Mondays, the female cyclists on the team welcome members of the community to participate in their friendly Women’s Only Rides.

With so many people in the area raising their fitness level thanks to the team’s efforts, it was only natural for the Colavita/Baci Ohio Cycling Team to develop events for members to showcase their talents and draw even more community interest in fitness.  Last year the team proudly organized a 5k that attracted so many participants they were able to raise more than $10,000 to purchase supplies for local women battling breast cancer.

Many would cite Roger and his team’s work in organizing the Annual Ohio/Indiana Time Trial Series as a great contribution to the sport of competitive cycling in the Ohio region.  The series, which offers nine events from March through September, is now in its fourth season and it continues to grow both in the number of registrants and the level of competition.  While the time trial series does offer an attractive cash purse, riders are also motivated by many other lucrative prizes from team sponsors including Jamis, Gu, and Zipp.  Participants even relish the chance to take home a bottle of Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil as they have learned that the healthy fats in extra virgin olive oil fire up the fat burning metabolism, allowing a cyclist to pedal longer with plenty of energy to burn.

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