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Colavita U19 Racing Team

Dan Coleman

Barrie Drabble
General Manager

Dawn Wylong
 Manager – Womens Program

Something is growing very fast in New Jersey, and across the whole USA, and it’s about to take off like a rocket! The Colavita U19 Racing Team has a vision of the future of bicycle racing in the USA and it is beginning to make it happen. Heads are turning throughout the industry as this junior racing team storms through the sport, winning races across the state and attracting novice riders to the sport.

 Colavita is sponsoring cycling at all levels, including two highly successful pro-cycling teams and many regional amateur teams throughout the country. The company has resolutely shown a full commitment to building the sport. With the sincere hope and vision that supporting a child’s dream today, can become a professional cyclist’s reality tomorrow.

In recent years, despite the increasing popularity of cycling as a sport in the USA, there has been a decline in the junior ranks. The Colavita program has recognized this trend and has found a way to reverse it. With a whole new approach they are able to present bicycle racing as a legitimate alternative to traditional ball sports. This program comes at a time when parents want to respond to worrying statistics about childhood obesity, poor health and lack of physical exercise. Sadly for many families the demands of most sports programs are just too much to fit into the busy family schedule.

full tent at summerville The Colavita U19 Racing Team is a breath of fresh air for parents, and is being embraced by young people across the state from ages 8 – 18. The team has over 60 riders and all of the Colavita U19 riders join the team as newcomers to the sport, the excitement spreads as they return with their friends, brothers and sisters. This sport is exciting and the excitement is contagious.

After recognizing the success of the Colavita program, the NJBA, (the governing body of competitive cycling in New Jersey), has called upon Colavita to assist all of the NJ clubs with their own U19 development. The NJBA has stepped up its own U19 racing program and is planning for the rapid growth expected in the sport. This year will feature a series of racing clinics for juniors only, plus additional U19 races on the major race schedule and a resurgence of junior development within the local bike clubs.

The worlds biggest and most prestigious bicycle race, the Tour de France has been won by a USA rider, ten times in the last 20 years.. Both Lance Armstrong and Greg LeMond and many other successful US world champions began their professional cycling careers in the junior ranks.The USA has proved it can dominate in this traditionally European sport, and Colavita is prepared to show the way for the next generation of champions.

Dan Coleman (director), Barrie Drabble (manager) and Dawn Wylong (manager) are all dedicated licensed cycling coaches, drawing on three very different cycling backgrounds but united in their vision for the team. They all have made a commitment to develop the team over the next decade. For them the team has truly become a "labor of love".  They often provide loaner bikes to new riders from their personal stable, building team bikes and wheels and coordinating field trips. Under their dedicated guidance and personal instruction the team has won multiple state championships in all cycling disciplines (Track, Road and Mountain) as well as traveling further, to stage races such as the Fitchburg-Longsjo Classic, The Tour de FCCC, and the Can-Am Challenge. 

The junior team also volunteers to help with local trail maintenance and at promotional and charitable events. 

Colavita’s Professional team riders are often available to talk with the juniors, to offer advice, share experiences and their love of the sport..